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The simple truth is, it can be extremely difficult if you
have limited technical skills.

Anyone can easily and for no cost, create and post to a blog today. It only takes a few minutes and your content can start edging its way into the massively crowded world wide web.

We see movies and hear stories of how seemingly easy it can be for a blog to rocket the blogger to internet stardom and to a lucrative career working at home.

What is often not heard are the thousands if not millions of stories of those lifeless, abandoned, empty blogs that long ago failed to produce the hopes of its creator and is now among the ruins of the internet archives with not an ounce of fresh blogging hope to revive its owner’s dreams to life again.

So many sad stories simply lacked the “how to blog” information and technical savvy to support the poor blogger in an ever changing and dynamic internet world.

There is an answer to failing or dead blogs. We have a solution that not only can revive your blogging hopes but can shine the light on the path of blogging success for you to follow. We will also be behind your solution for support and all the technical know-how.

With our resources you will be able to concentrate on your blogging content without having to dredge through the maze of technical widgets, plugins, hosting configurations and search engine optimization tricks and tweaks that are a crucial part of running a successful blog.

We know the details of the blog hosting part of your blog so you don’t need to. If you want a real chance of making your blog site a lasting and growing site, then let us help .

Take a look at our affordable and powerful packages and get the right foundation for all your future blogging efforts.

Here are some frequently asked questions from our clients.

I have a website already, so why do I need a blog?

Blogs, plus a good marketing strategy, can be one of the
most powerful tools for driving traffic to your business website.

I have a blog on a blogging service. Why won’t that do?

Simple blogs can be somewhat effective. But the secret to
powerful, traffic driving blogs is in using a number of important
technical tools that require a personally hosted solution.

Can I do it myself?

The simple truth is, it can be extremely difficult if you
have limited technical skills.

An effective and profitable blog requires specific
technical knowledge and experience.

Our skills make an ordinary blog a powerful
marketing tool.

Allow us to provide the technical expertise and you can
concentrate on the content for your blog. We make it so easy
you can even post to your blog by email.

Can I afford it?

We understand that technical solutions can be expensive,
but we have created a packaged blog solution that can make it
affordable for you.

How you benefit from our services:

Our Services:

We build the technical structure for your blog using
WordPress, the most popular blogging software platform, and we provide
hosting for your blog with security and growth in mind.

We configure your blog for social media integration, spam
blocking, navigation, ability to post content by email, search engine
optimization, membership support and other important technical elements
that will make your blog the most effective for your business.

We provide monthly support for backing up your blog
database, updating your plug-ins, monthly statistic reports and email
support for your blog hosted solution.

Your Benefits:

You will have the comfort in knowing your blog is
professionally supported on a sound technical platform.

You won’t need to do the research and testing of
plug-ins and widgets to determine which ones work and those that

You will have professional technical help when you need it
and maintenance of the back end for your blog.

This is how the process works.

You tell us what your business is and we go to work.
We help you choose a look for your blog that relates to your customers
and your business.
Once your theme is chosen we register your domain and create and
install your blog within 48 hours.
You can enter your first blog post right away.
It is just that easy.


Get Your Blog on Steroids Now!

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